Bösendorfer Pianos are played in concert halls around the world and are also the first choice for many piano teachers and music schools. The Bösendorfer Imperial Piano, Model 290 features eight full octaves with 97 keys. The grandeur of this instrument has inspired composer greats such as Bela Bartok, Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, Richard Wagner, and others to compose works specifically written to be performed on this piano.

For the Concert Hall or for the Home

Smaller Bösendorfer pianos bridge the gap between the public world of concert halls and the private world of the home music room. Their dynamic features make them ideal for more intimate performances in front of a small audience while still resonating with the sonorous sound that is the unmistakable hallmark of a member of the great house of Bösendorfer.

Outstanding Craftsmanship

Bösendorfer pianos use only the highest quality materials and are assembled by hand. Only 300 grand pianos are produced every year, making these pianos individual, hand-crafted works of art. Grand pianos are available in seven different sizes, from 170 cm to 290 cm long. Bösendorfer also produces an upright piano with the sound of a grand, as well as the CEUS Reproducing system, which allows you to record your playing directly from the piano, then ask the piano to play it back for you, hands-free, like magic.