Estonia Model 274 Concert Grand

274 Large

Over seven thousand five hundred Concert Grand pianos have been made in Estonia.

This is probably the largest number of such concert grands made by an European piano factory.


Length:  9’0″ (274 cm)
Width:  5’2″ (158 cm)
Height:  3’4″ (101,5 cm)
Net Weight:  1213 lb (550 kg)
Rim:  Thick Baltic wood, multiple layers to support the special Estonia sound
Braces:  Spruce, cross-cut approx. 5 x 2 in (12 x 5,5 cm)
Pinblock:  Highest grade, from Germany
Soundboar:  European spruce, imported from Germany. All clear grade, specially selected
Soundboard area:  22,93 sq. ft (2,13 sq.m)
Ribs:  17 radial grain, made of spruce
Treble bridge:  Red beech, topmost: maple
Bass bridge:  Red beech, topmost: maple
Scale:  Special European scale-design
Plate:  European, sand cast iron plates, highest-quality finish
Tuning Pins:  Highest grade, from Germany
Strings:  Steel piano wire from Germany. Bass wires are core wound, pure copper made at the Estonia Piano Factory
Longest bass wire:  6’7″ (202 cm)
Hammers:  Renner Blue, made by the Renner Company, Germany
Action:  Renner, Germany
Keys:  Kluge, Germany
Felts:  The best wool, special order from Germany and England
Pedals:  Three pedals: Una corda, Full sostenuto, and Full sustain

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