Estonia Model 168 (5’6″) Studio Grand

168 Large

Our Model 168 (5’6) is perfect for living and music rooms, apartments and studios.

They are individually crafted, each made into a work of art. The Estonia 168 is considered by many to be the best choice in its size as a performance level instrument.


Length:  5’6″ (168 cm)
Width:  5’0″ (152 cm)
Height:  3’4″ (101,5 cm)
Net Weight:  767 lb (348 kg)
Rim:  Thick Baltic wood, multiple layers to support the special Estonia sound
Braces:  Spruce, crosscut 4×2 in (11 x 5 cm)
Pinblock:  Highest grade, from Germany
Soundboard:  Made of the highest quality European spruce, imported from Germany. All clear grade, specially selected
Soundboard area:  13,46 sq.ft (1,25 sq.m)
Ribs:  10 radial grain, made of spruce
Treble bridge:  Red beech, topmost: maple
Bass bridge:  Red beech, topmost: maple
Scale:  Special European scale-design
Plate:  European, sand cast iron plates, highest-quality finish
Tuning Pins:  Highest grade, from Germany
Strings:  Highest quality, imported steel piano wire from Germany. Bass wires are core wound with pure copper, handmade at the Estonia Piano Factory
Longest bass wire:  4’08” (123,9 cm)
Hammers:  The highest quality hammers – Renner Blue, made by the Renner Company, Germany
Action:  First class actions by Renner, Germany
Keys:  Spruce, made by the ESTONIA Piano Factory. Key covers from Kluge, Germany. Also use Kluge keyboards from Germany.
Felts:  The best wool, special order from Germany and England
Pedals:  Three pedals: Una corda, Full sostenuto, and Full sustain

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