Pearl River

Welcome to the quality and value of Pearl River.  

Why is Pearl River the fastest growing piano company in North America? Pearl River delivers the best quality for the price you pay. In fact, when it comes to value, Pearl River has no competition. Pearl River pianos are built at the largest piano factory in the world by a staff of over 4000 musical experts with an average of 17 years employment with Pearl River. From harvesting, curing and shaping the traditional woods used in every component in the piano, Pearl River follows techniques and procedures that in every way duplicate the processes of the finest piano manufacturers in Europe, the U.S. and Japan. There are no short cuts. Pearl River insists on the finest from sand cast, naturally aged plates to Italian-style finished cabinets. And every Pearl River piano we build includes a 10-year parts and labor factory limited warranty backed by our USA-based team of expert technicians. You know it’s a Pearl River because you see our name proudly displayed on every fallboard.



  • World’s largest piano factory
  • Founded in 1956
  • World’s most-selected piano – more pianos built per year than any other manufacturer
  • Sold in over 80 countries throughout the world
  • Piano name same as factory
  • Working partner with other prestigious piano companies
  • Best value for the money spent
  • 10 year warranty


  • Engineering staff of over 150 professional, most of whom have degrees
  • Led by internationally known German scale design engineer – Lothar Thomma
  • European design with warm midrange, sparkling highs, and full bass tones
  • Attractive classic and designer cases with excellent fit and finish
  • Decorator designs by experienced American furniture designers
  • Full perimeter plates on verticals (certain models) for strong support
  • 52 grams key weight in bass to 48 grams in treble for enhanced playability


  • World’s highest quality tone-wood spruce selected from Canada and Europe for soundboards which produces better tone and volume
  • Pin blocks of hardrock maple – 17 ply for grands, 21 ply for vertical pianos for better tuning stability
  • Tuning pins blued steel, nickel plated, turned with reversed thread for better holding power and tuning stability
  • Rosslau strings from Germany, hand wound copper on bass, for better tone
  • Hand-notched maple capped vertically laminated spruce bridges for strength and durability
  • Sand cast plates hand-sanded, painted, and coated with five coats of lacquer. Sand casting results in lower “Q” factor which eliminates undesirable ring from plate
  • Hardwood rims – inner and outer – made from Manchurian walnut – reflects sound from the piano resulting in better tone and volume
  • Hard rock maple or hornbeam action parts (except jack) for years of trouble free playability
  • Laminated spruce keys to prevent warping
  • Durable polyester or hand-rubbed lacquer satin wood finishes
  • Solid brass pedals for beauty and longevity


  • One of the most experienced workforce in the piano industry
  • Average tenure of 17 years for workers
  • First Chinese manufacturer to receive the prestigious certification, ISO 9001 for consistent quality in manufacturing processes, from the International Standards Organization, awarded in 1998
  • ISO 14001 Certification awarded in 2007 for strict environmental control
  • Climate-controlled factory – woods cured to proper moisture content
  • Computer-controlled machinery for consistent and proper fit and finish
  • Each piano individually voiced, regulated and tuned at factory prior to shipment