Ritmuller Premium Grand. Available in: Ebony Polish. 

Created by master piano designer, Lothar Thomma, the Ritmüller  9’ Concert Grand epitomizes the ultimate in quality and design; One-piece continuous unibridge, Strunz tapered, solid Alpine spruce soundboard, Renner concert grade action and hammers, Oberhessischer premium Siberian spruce keys with ebony wood sharps and much more. With this piano, Ritmüller has placed itself along side the best concert grands in the world.


Action: Manufactured with traditional European craftsmanship in one of the most modern action factories in the industry. Constructed either of traditional hard rock maple or hornbeam, all-wood action components are processed by CNC machinery, creating perfectly matched parts and ensuring sensitive performance.
Action Rail: Extruded aluminum.
Beams: Oversized Manchurian walnut for stiffness and strength.
Bridges: Vertically laminated with solid maple cap creating the accurate and precise transfer of sound frequency vibration resulting in a purer sound.
Dampers: Premium damper felt, providing precision, greater musical expression and durability.
Fallboard: Slow close style.
Hardware: Solid brass.
Hammers: Renner hammers.
Key Bed: Butcher-block spruce.
Key Material: Premium Spruce, select straight grain with genuine ebony wood sharps.
Middle Pedal: Full Sostenuto.
Pinblock: 19 
cross-plied laminations of hard rock maple, cold pressed & age cured to provide tuning pin stability.

Plate: Sand-cast, CNC processed.
Scale: Design by Lothar Thomma with tuned, functional duplex.
Soundboard: Solid spruce – hand selected for color and grain.
Strings: German Röslau wire, copper wound bass strings.
Tuning Pins: Nickel plated steel, cut-thread.
Warranty: 10 year parts and labor.
Length: 9 feet
Weight: 945 pounds (Boxed, including bench)

*Models and specifications subject to change.