Model K 219

Schimmel Model K 219
Not since Bartolomeo Christofori, who invented the modern piano action in 1700 that heralded the birth of the pianoforte, has there been such a revolutionary change in the fundamental approach to designing pianos. Schimmel, with its “one action/engine” for all 6 sizes of the Konzert Series pianos has forever changed the piano designing landscape. Measuring 7’2″, the Schimmel Model K219 is a piano of extraordinary capabilities. The perfect teaching piano, composer’s piano, and an ideal home practice piano, it offers all the tonal colors that only pianos 7′ and larger can achieve and with the added benefit of a 9′ concert grand touch.


Available in ebony high gloss, Mahogany high gloss, and white high gloss


  • l: 7′ 2″
  • w: 61″
  • h: 40″
  • net: 904 lb

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