2009 Bosendorfer CS200 $60,000 SOLD!

Just taken in, this Model 200 (6’7″) Bosendorfer is in excellent condition. The model 200 is the perfect size for homes, teaching studios and small performance spaces.  Priced at half the price of a new one, don’t miss this opportunity to acquire one of the world’s premium piano brands.

From the Bosendorfer website: For more than half a century, this Bösendorfer Grand has been one of our most popular models ever. Its sound and dynamics unfold effortlessly in a concert as well as in your living room. The excellent action provides sensitive controllability and translates the artist’s intention to energetic expression.

Finest musical nuances, warm sonorous bass and bright colours’ play resonate in timeless worlds of sound created by the artist. The audience is immersed in this universe joyfully musing about the vast variety of interpretations and genres heard. A moment of pure inspiration.

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