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The Piano Store Professionals Trust

Collora Piano is a piano store founded by musicians and piano technicians for music lovers of all ages and abilities. Making music is a journey, and whether you are a piano professional, an aspiring virtuoso, or just a casual piano enthusiast, your journey and aspirations are uniquely your own. For this reason, we have hand-selected our piano makers from all over the world to offer you the very best choices in quality and levels of investment to help make your dream of owning a piano a reality.

Find Your Perfect Piano

The piano is one of mankind’s greatest achievements in beauty and function. It can transport the human spirit to the realms of sheer joy and absolute sadness for both the musician and the listener. We at Collora Piano believe that you can find the instrument that can open the door to new levels of experience and expression. Our collection of pianos offer something for everyone from the beginner to the stage performer. 

Collora Piano is the exclusive Texas dealer of  Fazioli, Bluthner, Schimmel, Estonia, and Charles R. Walter Upright Pianos. We also represent Ritmuller pianos. Whether you’re a master or a beginner, we have a piano to fit your needs and personality.

No-Risk Buying

Collora Piano is the safest place to buy a piano in the United States, which is why our customers come from all over the country to shop our store. Because our store was founded and is run by piano technicians, we strive to make every instrument technically perfect before it leaves our floor. Our attention to technical detail has earned us a sterling reputation among piano professionals. This means that if you are a first-time buyer, you can buy with confidence, knowing that Collora Piano is the store professionals trust.

Trade-Up Guarantee

Collora Piano offers a full value Lifetime Trade-Up Guarantee.  If you don’t want to go “all in” on your first purchase that’s okay, you can trade-up your piano for a better piano at a later time and receive full credit of the original purchase price towards the piano your trading up for.

About Peter Collora

He was drawn to the piano at such an early age that his parents gave him two choices: Kindergarten or Piano Lessons. No contest! In 1973, after receiving a degree in Piano Performance from the University of North Texas, he left for New York to study independently with Edith Oppens. It was there that he ultimately became aware just how distant a place the concert stage actually was. Seven years later in 1980, Peter found his calling! Pursuing the crafts of the Technician/Rebuilder, he built a sizable clientele in Dallas that eventually led to the partnership with Kraig in the spring of 2004 and the inception of Collora Piano.

About Kraig Gilliam

Kraig grew up in the back of a piano store! His parents had been in the piano business since 1948 and their young son was soon involved in the everyday operations, from sweeping the floor to “spotting the dolly” for the movers. He learned his tuning and technical skills from his father and uncle. Fast-forward twenty-five years or so and in 1984-85, Kraig became the Steinway dealer in southern Colorado. So successful were his efforts that he made the decision to come to Dallas/Ft. Worth and open “Steinway Hall Dallas”. Again, Kraig was extremely successful because of his principles, work ethic and experience. He “officially” retired in 1999, much to the dismay of his staff, but after two and a half year diet of golf, he came back to the piano world and teamed up with Peter to create a new company.

About Phil Gibbs

An industry veteran, Phil brings to Collora Piano a strong sales and marketing management background both in retail and institutional piano sales that’s characterized by integrity-based selling and the value of long-term relationship building.

Phil has managed piano companies in several markets including Fort Worth, Chicago, Orlando, and North Carolina. In his spare time, he is an avid volleyball enthusiast and enjoys creating music in his home recording studio. You can contact Phil by cell phone at 214-893-5962 or by emailing him at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 About Alessandro Mazzamuto Artist In Residence

Pianist Alessandro Mazzamuto is “one of the most inspiring, extraordinary pianists that I have had the joy to hear” writes Martha Argerich, and when she was recently asked by the French newspaper L’Expresso to name her ten favorite young pianists, she included Alessandro in the company of artists such as Danil Trifonov, Beatrice Rana, Yuja Wang, Sergio Tiempo, Katia Buniatishvili. He is “no virtuoso of show, no ruthless technician, but a pianist absorbed in the music who plays with as much spontaneity as poetry,” claims Pizzicato Magazine (Germany). Winner of International Classical Music Awards’ 2013 Young Instrumental Artist of the Year, the 28-year-old Sicilian pianist has won more than 60 national and international competitions in piano and chamber music.