Music Educator Angela Nuefeld Chooses Bosendorfer

As a pianist and a piano instructor, I dreamed of owning a beautiful new Steinway Model B. During my undergraduate and graduate studies in performance, I played most if not all of my recitals on Steinway pianos and longed to own one myself one day. Last September, my husband and I decided to invest in a new piano for our home – to use for my own practicing and for my teaching. Also, my two sons ages 6 and 9 had both become more serious about their music studies and we felt that we wanted both of them to grow up practicing on a "quality" instrument - the very best we could afford. Eagerly, I visited Steinway Hall playing all of their Model B’s but was disappointed. They were all so different – some more muted without any projection and some seemed almost harsh and far too bright. I had heard about the wonderful Bosendorfer piano but had never played one. I decided that if I was going to spend a great deal of money on a piano, I should at least play a Bosendorfer before I committed myself to a Steinway that would require a lot of work by a technician to get the sound just where I needed it to be. I set up an impromptu appointment at Collora Pianos in Dallas and was greeted by Phil Gibbs who invited me to play all of the Bosendorfer models in their showroom. I sat down at one of the pianos and began to play and almost immediately, tears came to my eyes. The sound of the piano was how I had always imagined a beautiful piano should sound. It was rich and warm and the tones were even, clear and almost "bell-like." The piano’s treble voice sang out and almost did a lot of the work for you while the bass was deep and strong but never muffled or muted. After playing all of the Bosendorfer models in the showroom, I was astounded at how similar they all were! They all had a very consistent "Bosendorfer" sound - so unlike the Steinway pianos I had played earlier. I mentioned to Phil that I was also considering a Steinway B and he was courteous and professional saying that he completely understood and that if I would like, I could have a piano delivered to my home on a trial basis and If I wasn’t happy with it, they would be willing to take it back with no questions asked. I decided that day to buy a Seven Foot CS Series Bosendorfer and have fallen in love with the piano as it has acclimated itself in my home. My students love it, I have been inspired to practice more, and my children feel blessed to have an instrument of the highest quality to practice on. My nine year old son, who is also a cellist, claims it’s like having the entire Vienna Philharmonic at your fingertips! He is practicing the piano more than two hours every day and recently won Second Place in the Dallas Solo Competition and First Place in the Dallas Symphonic Festival at SMU. He doesn’t get to perform on a Bosendorfer at these events, but he always carries the sound of his beautiful home piano in his ears and that is the sound he tries to re-create when he performs on other pianos. Last week, my graduate school piano professor came to visit me for a couple of days and she spent hours on my new piano playing the music of Debussy, Ravel, Bach and Beethoven. She exclaimed over and over again about what a wonderful choice I had made and she can’t wait to come again to visit my beautiful Bosendorfer!

DSO Letter To Collora Piano

Dear Phil: The Dallas Symphony Orchestra has just returned from its European Tour, and I am writing to share with you the excitement, the enthusiasm, and the success that accompanied us in every city where we performed. Sold out concerts in Eindhoven and Amsterdam and full or nearly full houses everywhere else, standing ovations and multiple curtain calls, and outpouring of praise in the press confirmed the reputation of the DSO as one of the finest ensembles anywhere that the orchestra already had here at home. It was also very rewarding for the DSO musicians to receive this kind of recognition from the most discerning audiences in Europe. Everyone who went on the tour felt an immense sense of pride to be able to represent Dallas on the global stage so well, to show audiences outside of Dallas the talent and the skill that exists in our great city. This historic tour was made even more special for DSO patrons when they were treated to an amazing experience of visiting Boesendorfer Klavierfabrik and seeing a process of creating some of the most incredible products of artistic, engineering, and musical genius combined. Later, the group admired the beautiful Boesendorfer-Saal in Mozarthaus Vienna, and the highlight of that visit came when one of the donors sat at the gorgeous Boesendorfer Model 200 and gave an impromptu mini-recital to the rest of the group. These unique experiences would be simply impossible without your help. You played an instrumental role in transforming this tour into an unforgettable adventure for our donors. Thank you very much for all you have done to orchestrate these events so well. We appreciated working with you and Boesendorfer on the DSO European Tour, and we look forward to our continued partnership with Boesendorfer/ Collora Piano here in Dallas. We put together for you a selection of reviews in the European press and from Dallas' own Scott Cantrell of The Dallas Morning News that we hope will provide for you a vivid picture of the DSO European Tour. Thank you again for your continued support of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

Bennett Family Chooses Schimmel K175

Dear Phil, Thank you for selling us what we are sure will be our daughter's piano for life, the Schimmel K175. Before discovering the Schimmel, we thought we would buy a Steinway because that is what Maranda's teachers play. However, after playing many Steinways and numerous other brands, she fell in love with the Schimmel. We love that the piano is only 5'9'' but has the action of a 9' concert grand, and that its tone is so rich and beautiful. Since its delivery a few weeks ago, Maranda has been playing it more than eight hours a day, every day. We can already hear improvement in her playing! Her teacher from the University of Arkansas played the piano and loved it's action, tone, quickness, and responsiveness. Before finding Collora, we searched for a piano in our home state, Arkansas, as well as in Missouri and Oklahoma. We also visited several piano stores in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Your showroom is a piano lover's dream! There is no comparison between your beautiful, clean, and well stocked (with high quality pianos) showroom and the others we visited. We loved that we were not pressured and that Maranda was allowed to wander through the pianos and to play any of them. She was like a kid in a candy store! We love that all of your pianos were in tune and in excellent condition. All of our questions were answered promptly and completely. You made the process of purchasing and receiving delivery of the piano easy for us. It was also so nice of you to come up to our home to oversee the delivery. We have no regrets and will wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone looking to buy a piano. Thanks again

McDonald Studios Choose Collora Piano For Recitals

McDonald Piano Studios recently had the privilege of having our December Recital in the wonderful recital hall of Collora Piano. What a fabulous venue in the heart of the Dallas Design District! The hall was impeccable with wonderful acoustics and plenty of room, not withstanding the fabulous Bosendorfer Concert Grand that was provided for our students. All students and parents alike were thrilled to hear the amazing array of color each student was able to produce on this state of the art instrument. Phil and Steve couldn’t have been more gracious or welcoming. What a treasure for the Dallas Area to have such knowledgeable sales associates, wonderful collection of fine instruments, and beautiful venue. Thank you Collora Piano for graciously hosting our event!

Alcuin School Chooses Schimmel

When working in a non-profit environment, it 'takes a village' to be able to obtain top-quality products like the new Schimmel grand that we've recently been able to purchase from Collora Piano for our music program, thanks to the generosity of our community. Working with Phil and Peter to maximize our efforts on this project was a wonderful experience. They very kindly loaned a piano for us to use on our very popular "Grandparents' Day" so that we could ask for support from our visitors as our students played the instrument. This enabled us to find a donor who would match gifts made on that day, and with the participation of our Parents' Club, we hit our goal! The music teachers here do an extraordinary job and have been wanting a quality instrument for years that would best showcase the talent in our kids. Phil worked with us on every step and, with his help, we were able to have the new grand in time for our Winter Concert where it made a tremendously successful musical evening. The addition of the Schimmel is going to have a great impact on the musical development of the students at Alcuin School. Many adults remember the tonal character, the touch, and the sound of a particular piano they played during their childhood. A sound memory that 'touched' them, a defining aesthetic moment that determined the excellence they seek, an ideal of sound quality. Phil and Peter were able to gently assist us throughout the process of finding our ideal of sound quality in a grand piano. They never pushed or rushed us. On the contrary, they respected our timing. As a result, we were able to find what we were looking for: a grand Schimmel. Beautiful in and out, our piano has the warm, full-bodied sound that will inspire new memories of sound and touch in many children for years to come. The customer service is outstanding and the understanding of what we were trying to do was so very helpful. The Schimmel is a beautiful instrument that will serve us for years to come.

Music Educator Terry Metzger Chooses Schimmel

As a pianist, teacher and vocal coach a piano is an investment of the utmost importance and value is far more important than cost. Every price point offers instruments ranging from gems to junk relatively speaking, so when I wanted to upgrade my home studio instrument I returned to Collora Piano to make sure I found a gem. To me a brand name means little -- brands are bought and sold and the quality of instruments can fluctuate greatly over the years. And I don’t care which famous pianists play this or that manufacturers’ instruments. I’d rather have a piano endorsed by Peter Collora, one of the finest piano technicians anywhere, and someone whose ears and opinions I’ve come to trust without reservation over many years. I want a piano that sounds great, plays consistently with a fine action, and will withstand several hours of playing every day for decades and still be a high quality instrument I can pass on to my grandchildren. I didn’t know a lot about Schimmel when I began shopping but my new C213 is everything I wanted and more. I have a better piano than I thought I could get for the money and I can’t wait to practice. My students from beginner to advanced can hear and feel the difference and it has been a priceless teaching moment for each of them. This is a piano that will get the best out of me and my students! Terry Metzger

Trinity Christian Academy Selects Schimmel

Trinity Christian Academy has taken delivery of a new Schimmel 9' concert grand piano for use in its 900 seat auditorium.

Dave Delph with Schimmel TCA Pictured with the piano is Headmaster, Dave Delph who had this to say about the new piano. "Our auditorium’s performance piano was in poor shape, so we reached out to Phil at Collora to see what our options were.  Phil really helped us in making the decision to purchase the Schimmel 9 foot grand we now have.  We could not be more pleased.  Phil’s help along the way was invaluable and the “added extras” were an unexpected gift.  I would certainly recommend Collora if you are looking for a piano.  The customer service, attention to detail, and care throughout the process are to be highly commended."
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