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 A wide variety of special characteristics guarantees the top quality of the Schimmel Classic Grand piano series. For example, the duplex scale allows the notes in parts of the middle and treble range to be produced with the aid of two exactly coordinated areas of a single string, resulting in an increased richness in overtones and a longer speaking length of these notes. The soundboards are curved in three-dimensional form, in a manner reminiscent of a dome structure, produced a so-called crown.  The action from the Classic 213 (7′) model is also in the two smaller size grand pianos, the C189 (6’3″) and the C169 (5’7″).  Having the same concert size action and keys in all 3 grands allows the pianist a level of control that only Schimmel can offer.


Model C213

Our largest Classic grand piano C213 is based on the design characteristics of our full size concert grand piano K280. Essentially, the ‘sound system’ in the middle and treble section and the action of our Konzert grand piano K 280 was transferred into th ...

Model C189

The medium-sized grand piano of our Schimmel Trilogy meets the high expectations of pianists in a special way. The innovative C189 is made without compromise and therefore presents pianists with the most popular grand piano size in a special way. It is th ...

Model C169

Even with the smallest Classic C169 grand piano, we do not compromise. The identical action and large parts of the ‘sound system’ from our full size concert grand is also implemented here. Combined with our extreme soundboard expansion in the lateral regi ...

Model C130T

"The eye listens too this is why the combination of first-class sound and corresponding design is so vital. The elegant C130 Tradition is one of the great pianos of its type and an instrument of excellence in itself. Touch and tone are harmonized perfectl ...

Model C126T

What happens when the principle of the “golden section” is transferred to a piano? It produces well-proportioned models such as the C126 Tradition. In art and architecture, the golden section is frequently considered as the ideal proportions between certa ...

Model C121T

It is music in our ears when the French musical periodical Le Monde de la Musique* describes the model series as evidence for the great tradition of piano manufacture in Germany and further: Schimmel pianos are without doubt … more than a mere study instr ...

Model C116T

What makes this piano the best-seller of all Schimmel models? Perhaps because this instrument possesses the ideal combination of reliability, play-ability, tonal quality and elegance. The <strong>model C116</strong> <strong>Tradition</strong>, the younge ...

Model C121TM

An old stylistic technique, marquetry has been utilized for the decorating and embellishing furniture for centuries. In contrast to the inlay technique, marquetry is prepared in its entirety beforehand and consists of small veneer elements assembled to b ...

Model C121EM

With clean lines and no embellishments this classic design has been in our line for many years. This timeless beauty is a favorite with our clients.

Model C121R

Majestic In Tone And Design. Taste is the art of an understanding for detail and also of resenting this detail in an accomplished fashion. The exceptional personality of the model Royal is characterized by the model's piano legs with its traditionally c ...

Model 116M

Maximum musical pleasure combined with first-class design produces masterpieces like our model 116M. The clean and minimalist design emphasizes the vertical plane and gives this model its stature. New manufacturing techniques and materials highlight the ...

Model 116MC

As a variation of the Model C116 Modern the classical console construction method, with legs and toes, stresses the vertical aspect and gives C116 Modern Cubus more visual substance.