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Crystal Edition

Crystal Edition HIVE EXTRAVAGANZA An iconic grade Grand Piano fully customizable and manufactured by Blüthner Pianoforte Fabrik in Leipzig Germany. The exciting effort has driven Blüthner ´s imagination to a futuristic design that bustles their creative ...

Crystal Edition IDYLLIC A fully transparent grand piano for those with discerning taste and a love of luxury. Crystal edition elegance fully transparent grand piano: supporting beams, inner and outer rims, key bed, legs, music stand, fall board and ...

ELEGANCE The glamorous side of elegance, a grand piano that can be customized with the most exclusive selection of high gloss polyester colors or veneer finishes in a semi-transparent version with a matching frame and soundboard color.

PANORAMIC Capture your favorite images in the body of this customizable instrument. A semi-transparent version where the inner rim is decorated with different variations of panoramic images with matching frame and soundboard.